For me 'The Waterboys'ceased when Karl Wallinger left. I think Mike Scott lost direction after their split and for me lost a lot of the magic.

Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

Its funny but I dont really have favourites... The songs are like days written up in a diary... some days you do fab things and some days are quieter... We will try to make Dublin soon.. Cant think what the fav gig is... really...

Karl Walinger on favourites

I was a big fan of the first two World Party albums but I haven't heard anything from them for years.

Peter Murphy (journalist)

and no comment about Blobby Billions!

Karl Wallinger on Robbie Williams

World Party are great.

Anthony Thistlewaite (The Waterboys)

World Party were cool

Peter Miller (musician)

I love World Party

Fabrizzio Fontanelli

I love World Party

Jack Vervoort (fan)

I don't think much of them

Maureen Conklin

I love World Party

Dag Reinart Johansen

all good

Sean Miller (musician)